Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate whatever I want?

We kindly ask that donations are limited to new or gently used preemie and newborn onesies, baby blankets, board books, and monetary donations. This ensures we are not taking away items from other organizations that could use more unique or specific donations, including cribs, breast pumps, or strollers. 

Do you need more volunteers?

We can always use extra hands! If you’re interested in volunteering with Mark’s Mission, please send your resume to Brittany@marksmission.org.

Is my information secure?

Yes! When you make a donation to our organization, you have the opportunity to use PayPal, Venmo, or Stripe. Each platform has its own encryption for security purposes. Your credit card information is not stored on file. 
When you register for our newsletter, your information is secure in our database. Mark’s Mission does not sell your data or information. Mark’s Mission will not send you spam. Your data will be used to remain in contact with you for the newsletter and promotional reasons. 

Who is behind this organization?

Brittany Hutto is the Founder and CEO of this organization.

Can I donate money and not a onesie?

Yes, absolutely! You can securely donate using our PayPal donation link here

How do you decide who gets financial assistance?

We have a few requirements for our financial assistance: 
1. Applicant must live in St. Johns or Duval county.
2. Applicant’s household must earn less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
3. Applicant must be considered to have a high-risk pregnancy, or have a child in the NICU or PICU. 
4. Applicant must provide all required documentation as outlined in the Financial Assistance Application.